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For those of you who follow my blog, I would first like to thank you!!! Second, I wanted to let you know that I’ve created a new and improved website/blog! Just click here and be sure to visit it from now on!


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Keeping with the “green” theme, I wanted to showcase a set of wedding invitations I created back in 2008… Enjoy!

Photo by Jennifer Driscoll Photography

Photos by Brand Photodesign

And another set of invitations that I did just last year.


Photos by Jennifer Driscoll Photography

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I may have posted these before, but I just couldn’t resist. Matt’s 30th birthday invites were so fun and festive and clearly go along with our “green” theme! Enjoy!

Hope you all enjoy my slight play on words! ūüėČ

Photos by Jennifer Driscoll Photography

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I’m doing it again… Posting another “Real Wedding” that I’ve covered before. Once again, this is because I had been too impatient to wait for the photos that Jennifer Driscoll was taking. So, this is somewhat a combination of several previous posts. The first one covered the amazing calligraphy work done by Jane Farr, the next was the gorgeous photography taken at Nicole and Ryan’s wedding by none other than Andrew Scalini and finally, the ¬†stunning stationery shoot done by Jennifer. Enjoy!

First, a couple shots that I took…

The envelopes were hand stamped (by me).
I then gave the stamp to Nicole and Ryan
so that they could continue using it
for every day snail-mail.

A photo taken by Jane, showcasing her beautiful calligraphy.

And now for Jennifer and Andrew’s photos!

Nicole and Ryan’s save the dates…

Their reception was held and the always fabulous IMA!

And last, but not least,
a photo of the happy couple!

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A while back I posted a few pictures of one of my favorite wedding sets (Lindsey + Ryan). I should have waited until I had these photos (taken by Jennifer Driscoll). She really captured the simple elegance of this wedding! I also wanted to include some actual shots from their wedding, which were taken by Bowersock Photography. They truly did an amazing job!!!!!

Lindsey and Ryan wanted to send out
a fun and festive save the date,
but still representing the New Orleans theme.
I decided to create a “jazz poster” to get their party kicked off.

For the wedding invitations,
they wanted something a bit more formal
with an obvious NOLA feel.

These were all of their
“day of pieces.”

The escort cards were hung on
Mardi Gras beads and were encased
in a custom made shadow box.

I also made favor stickers
for the festive cupcake boxes.

And of course, a shot of the
beautiful couple…

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I know I’ve featured this adorable couple before, but I recently had the very talented Jennifer Driscoll photograph Tiffany and Ryan’s wedding stationery. I just wanted to give you all a peak!

And here are a few photos taken by Jennifer at Tiffany and Ryan’s wedding….stunning!!!

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As some of you may know, I recently attended the Platinum Wedding Gala last Sunday held at the Conrad Hotel. I was truely honored to be hand-picked to be part of such a select group of vendors. This event featured displays by Indy’s top wedding pros, eye-popping table design by Lee Johnson and David Strohmeyer, and stunning¬†Birnbaum & Bullock dresses (courtesy of The Wedding Studio).

I was able to snap a few photos on my trusty iPhone….

Setting up my booth has become a fine art. I’ve got it pretty much nailed down!

I created these little favor boxes especailly for this show. What a huge hit!
They were filled with peanut brittle, chocolate covered peanuts
and (my favorite) white chocolate covered pretzels.

They proved to be a nice “center piece” to my booth!

Of course, I had to display my awesome new business cards!
This photo doesn’t do them justice!

This stunning photo was taken by my good friend, Bob Ridge, from IndyVisual.
Of course, when you have such a beautiful location to photograph,
it’s hard to get anything less than perfection!

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