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As you’ve all come to realize at this point, I’m a huge fan of all things stationery! I suppose that was a no brainer! But let me tell you what one of my most favorite types of printing is…. Yep, you may have guessed it…Letterpress! For a long time I had longed to find a local vendor that not only used this technique, but did it beautifully…

Well, the search has ended! Let me introduce you to Event Crashers Letterpress! Jay Williamson is the talent behind the machine. In all honesty, I have not yet worked with him, but we’ve got a big job in the works for one of my September brides. Of course, his reputation precedes him! I’ve heard nothing but GREAT things about the work he produces. In fact, here are a couple samples for you to feast your eyes upon…

So, if you’re even considering letterpressed wedding invitations, you must contact Jay over at Event Crashers! You can email him at jay@eventcrashers.com!  I promise, you won’t regret it!



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I’m doing it again… Posting another “Real Wedding” that I’ve covered before. Once again, this is because I had been too impatient to wait for the photos that Jennifer Driscoll was taking. So, this is somewhat a combination of several previous posts. The first one covered the amazing calligraphy work done by Jane Farr, the next was the gorgeous photography taken at Nicole and Ryan’s wedding by none other than Andrew Scalini and finally, the  stunning stationery shoot done by Jennifer. Enjoy!

First, a couple shots that I took…

The envelopes were hand stamped (by me).
I then gave the stamp to Nicole and Ryan
so that they could continue using it
for every day snail-mail.

A photo taken by Jane, showcasing her beautiful calligraphy.

And now for Jennifer and Andrew’s photos!

Nicole and Ryan’s save the dates…

Their reception was held and the always fabulous IMA!

And last, but not least,
a photo of the happy couple!

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A while back I posted a few pictures of one of my favorite wedding sets (Lindsey + Ryan). I should have waited until I had these photos (taken by Jennifer Driscoll). She really captured the simple elegance of this wedding! I also wanted to include some actual shots from their wedding, which were taken by Bowersock Photography. They truly did an amazing job!!!!!

Lindsey and Ryan wanted to send out
a fun and festive save the date,
but still representing the New Orleans theme.
I decided to create a “jazz poster” to get their party kicked off.

For the wedding invitations,
they wanted something a bit more formal
with an obvious NOLA feel.

These were all of their
“day of pieces.”

The escort cards were hung on
Mardi Gras beads and were encased
in a custom made shadow box.

I also made favor stickers
for the festive cupcake boxes.

And of course, a shot of the
beautiful couple…

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As some of you may know, this past weekend was the Perfect Wedding Guide bridal show at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. There was an amazing turnout of new brides-to-be! My booth was up on the second floor…. right next to Sweeties!

I had heard the name before and knew that they served cupcakes and other yummy treats. However, it wasn’t until sitting right next to their amazing cakes, cookies, candies…. that I realized how much they offered. Brides were crowded around their booth hoping to score a piece of wedding cake, cheese cake and (my most favorite) cake pops (literally – cake on a stick) among other things.

Unfortunately, I’m currently on a very strict diet and some how managed to resist the temptation to eat everything in sight! But I could tell by all the satisfied faces that everything was absolutely delicious!

Here are a few photos of some of their tasty treats! To learn more about Sweeties, click here to visit their website.

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This is one of my favorite winter wedding shoots…by the one and only, Jennifer Driscoll. It’s a bit of a blast from the past (taken in December of last year), but I had to revisit this one. Here are a few of my favorites….

Click here to see more images from Marina and Adam’s wedding on Jennifer’s blog.

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One of my dearest friends, Jamie Vester, has captured another adorable engagement session. This could be one of my favorites!

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You’ve probably seen Ryan and Nicole’s wedding invitation posted on my blog a time or two. I can help it…this was one of my favorite designs of the year…and couple too! I’ve finally gotten a few photos from their picture perfect day, photographed by Andrew Scalini and hosted at the IMA.



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